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Philips Norelco HQ9 Speed XL Replacement Heads Review

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Philips Norelco recommends replacing your shaving heads once per year to receive maximum performance of your Norelco razor.  The HQ9 dual bladesallow for a close, comfortable shave, and are compatible with multiple Philips Norelco shavers.  Check the back of your razor to ensure you purchase the proper replacement heads.  Rinse with water to clean your replacement heads to enhance product longevity and performance.


  • Reflex Action System adjusts to your face
  • Super Lift & Cut shaving technology
  • Precision Cutting System to  shave even the shortest stubble
  • Rotating Head
  • Stainless Steel
  • Set includes 3 Cutters and 3 Combs
  • Fit all Norelco Speed XL and SmartTouch XL Shaving Systems -8138X, 8140XL, 8150XL, 8151XL, 8160XL, 8171XL, 8175XL, 8240XL, 8250XL, 8251XL, 8260XL, 8270XL, 8280XL, 9160XL, 9170XL, 9171XL, 9190XL, 9195XL, 9199XL
  • Suitable for all hair types Customer Comments

Most reviewers spoke highly of the Norelco HQ9 Replacement Heads, commenting that it was well worth the price and they felt like they had just purchased a new shaver.  Other reviewers mentioned installation, price, product availability and package design.

On Performance -

  • “I’ve been using Norelco rotary electric shavers all my life and this is the first time I’ve ever purchased replacement heads. What a surprise to find out it’s just like getting a brand new shaver!”
  • “My old Norelco was not performing as well as it used to and I wondered if it was time to upgrade to something “better” – whatever that might be. I decided to save some bucks and try replacing the heads and suddenly, all the little complaints I had about the performance of my old Norelco disappeared.”
  • “It’s like having a new shaver. No more pressing the shaver to your face hoping to get a better and quicker shave. Installing is no problem at all.”
  • “When it’s time to quit fighting a slow shave due to dull cutting heads, this was the easiest and cheapest way to go.”
  • “Fantastic price for these heads.  Makes my razor purr like a kitten and I get a great shave without having to go over and over my beard.”
  • “I have been using this Philips Norelco razor for three years and it truly lives up to its name and always gives me a great shave as long as I keep it cleaned and change the blades at least once a year. Also I spray Remington oil into the blades daily. I strongly recommend this product.”

On Ease of Installation -

  • “Easy to following instruction for replacement on the package, and the actual process was incredibly simple and easy to do.”
  • “The instructions they provide consist of a couple of pictures on the package. However, these are very easy to replace. Just remember to orient the blade correctly when you drop them in. There are two little tabs on each blade that have to be oriented right. If the blade doesn’t seem to sit correctly, turn them until they drop down.”

 On Price and Availability -

  • “New blades bring new life to a good razor, smoother, closer and quicker. Amazon also had the best price.”
  • “We went to several places looking for the Norelco HQ9 Replacement Heads in our home city but had no luck. Someone suggested Amazon and we found it and bought it. The service was excellent, easy to do, and it was delivered promptly.”

 On Packaging -

  • “I have only one complaint; the packaging. The replacement blades were embodied in a package that made it extremely difficult to actually get at the blades. There were a series of 6 grommet eyelets surrounding the entire package making it very secure. I literally had to force scissors between the layers of cardboard to get around the grommets to eventually get to the blades inside. In a word, frustrating.”
  • “Getting the blades out of this package could be considered a potential hazard. I give the Norelco HQ9 Replacement Head 5 Stars for the product itself, with 1 or 2 Stars off for the needless obstructive packaging.”

While most reviewers spoke of how long the replacement blades lasted, there were a few that did not agree:

  • “Although very good they do not last the 12-month life, it’s more like 6 months. I think that the short life is deliberately designed into the product.
  • “The new heads I bought were billed as making a big difference in my shaving experience. After installation, I could detect no difference so the expense was not worth it.”


Overall, Philips Norelco HQ9 Speed XL Replacement Heads received an average rating of 4.5 out 5 stars from 335 Amazon customers. Not a bad rating at all!


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