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February, 2012:

Philips Norelco Speed 8240 Men’s Shaving System

The most desired feature of the Philips Norelco 8240 is the three shaving heads that purport to offer 50% more shaving surface than conventional rotary heads.  The other feature that adds value to this shaver is the Contour Following System, which follows the contours of the face comfortably shaving each hair with one stroke.  Most […]

Philips Norelco QT4050 Vacuum Beard and Stubble Trimmer Review

The vacuum capability of the Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard and Stubble Trimmer Plus is the most desirable feature of this product. Without it, it’s just another trimmer.  The cutting features, multiple length settings and the corded and cordless operations are also important to the overall value of the product.  The combination of these features seemingly […]

Philips Norelco 8240XL Electric Shaver Review

The Philips Norelco 8240XL electric razor features Speed-XL shaving heads for a faster and closer shave than ever before. Ultra thin heads shave long hairs, and holes shave short stubble.  Smart Touch Contour keeps the three shaving heads close to your skin for a fast and efficient shave every time. Dynamic Contour Response adjusts to […]