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Philips Norelco Coupons for 2013

Philips Norelco has a number of great coupons available for November 2013, many of them range from $15-$30 off their electronic shavers.

philips-norelco-couponHow to redeem Coupons

All of these coupons are available on which already has great prices on the shavers. The coupon to the right is just an example of one of the coupons, there are some available for many of the most popular models.

  • Follow this link to the Amazon Personal Care coupons page
  • Scroll through the page and click on any Philips Norelco coupon shown for a razor you like
  • The price shown on the next page is not the final price, if you like the shaver then proceed to checkout
  • The coupon is now applied at checkout showing you the additional savings!
  • You should also get free shipping!

Please share this post if you know others looking to buy an electronic shaver as it is a great deal!

High Value Norelco Coupons for December 2012

I was browsing and noticed a number of high value Norelco coupons that I just had to share, a few of them are for $50 off!

The great thing about the coupons is that the discount is applied at checkout, I checked out the Norelco 1250x Sensotouch which retails for $199, on it’s $148 plus free shipping and at checkout the coupon is applied for another $50 off!

How to get the coupons

The coupons are in the personal care coupons section on, just click the link or image below, then scroll down and click on the coupon you want to redeem

Visit the coupons page, then visit the personal care section and find the coupon you want.

Norelco Coupons

If you are looking for a Norelco coupon or a great deal on Norelco shavers this is the right place to be. I know a few places where you can save a lot of money on many top end Philips Norelco shavers.

Norelco Deals (Always available)

I thought I would share the Norelco deals first because they are always available and you can usually save $10-$50 off what you would pay in the stores! I found the best deals are online, but only from a few sites.

Visit the Norelco page on to see the best deals I have found. If you visit this link there are a lot of great deals from many different retailers. You can shop around and find a great deal. You can also read a bunch of reviews to see how the product works and learn about the finer details that only someone who has used the product would know.

Visit the Norelco online Store – This is the official online store from Norelco, sometimes they have special deals that you can only get if you buy through the Norelco store so be sure to check them out and see if there are any deals on.


Norelco Coupons (not always available)

So far the best place I have found for Norelco coupons is the personal care coupons page on the best coupons I have seen is for $20 off norelco shavers, they usually have $5-$10 coupons.

How to use the coupons – Using the coupon is easy, but you should first know that the actual coupon is not applied until you are at the checkout page. You will notice the shavers are already VERY cheap, but whatever price you see will actually be cheaper with the coupon. I have explained how the coupon works below

  • Visit the link above to the Personal care coupons page
  • Click on the coupon that you want
  • You will now be taken to the product page
  • The price you see is not the final price, the coupon is taken off at checkout
  • Continue to the checkout page and you will see the discount applied
  • Way to go, you got an amazing deal!